The foggy trip in the Ring of Kerry

That s the second trip…the one which promised more but a little ruined by the heavy fog of the day!

The land is beautiful, uninhabitated territories that becomes unexpectated cliffs on the sea. Price of the tickets, thanks to the discounts for student is of 30 euros, accessible price for a day trip. The first stop is in Kilarney, a small town, very nice which main attraction is the St. Mary Cathedral. One hour for breakfast and then ready to go to the ring of kerry land. Brazialians and the other international people talking strongly on the bus and irish music as background..outside the green lands of Ireland. The beach of Waterville, then the view spot, one of the best places in Ireland to admire the amazing panorama….but not in a foggy day! Brazilians start to consider me their private photographer and in 5 minutes I m taking around my neck 10 cameras, set to shoot photos. After many shoots, we are ready for another destination!

The bus keeps on going into the clouds, sometimes a ray of sun, then rain again, but the athmosphere is the irish one.

The trip carries on with the small Sneem town, a signboard shows proudly: Sneem, most tidy town in Ireland in 2011! Not a challenge to hold tidy a city of 30 houses, but anyway a clapping for that!

When nobody bothers no more the irish music, our guys make the last step in the Natural Park of Kilarney, near the Muckross lake, tons of photos to the waterfalls, hugging and kissing, and then route to Cork City

.2013-09-21 12.23.09

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