Finally…the report of Dublin trip!

After eight days finally I have the time to write something about the week end in Dublin. Nice trip, amazing city, full of attractions to

The Spire

The Spire

discover here and there. I ve just saw a few of them: the famous Trinity college, the packed Temple bar Street on Friday night, the Dublin’s Castle, Guinness Storehouse and on Sunday the small city on the sea near the Capital, Dun Laoghaire.

Booked the round-ticket on the just for 18 euros, 13 irish-freshers people travelled quite comfortable to Dublin. Less comfortable we slept in the Spire hostel, a crowded accomodation not far from the known attraction The Spire!

Girls in a better room with 10 people, boys in another one with 15 or more inside. Easy to say, the smell inside once back at home in the night was simply….disgusting. Anyway we enjoyed the trip. As said on Friday night we spent the last hours of the day in Temple bar street, so famous for the presence of pubs side by side. Guinness beers like water for all the irish people, folk and country music inside and songs sang by popular demand.

I recommend a night in temple bar to everybody…to spend an authentic irish night!

So the day after…after an hard night smelling the feet of strangers roomates. Firstly the Trinity College, 10 euros for the tour. Short, interesting thanks to the guide, enriching the round with interesting good stories. The long room, packed of books is the best thing you can see in Trinity..but it worth the cost of the ticket.

So it was time to watch the Dublin’s Castle, good but not enough for an Italian I guess. Sorry Dubliners. ( Cheap ticket, 3,50 euros so that’s ok!)

We spent the afternoon to the Guinness storehouse, 6 floors dedicated to the brand, the story of Arthur Guinness. And more as the Guinness academy where I took my certificate thanks to my pouring skills ( look at the photo below to find my glass of Guinness), we learnt how to drink the beer as a good Irish and finally we got the top of the building where we enjoyed ourselves by the amazing view at 360 degrees of the city!

And it was night…we spend it in The Workmans Club, a nice place, it was like an apartment of three floors, crowded but with good music and an enjoyable athmosphere. On Sunday, after our pleasant-tasty night we took the train to Dun Laghoire, weather was not so good, but watch the see it s always…new smell in my nose: seeweeds and see flavor! The walk to lighthouse took half an hour, below you’ll find some views!

Once come back to Dublin people wanted to go to an Italian Restaurant, we went to Totò restaurant, everybody enjoyed the meal, me too! Good Job Totò!!

Bought some postacards it was time to come back to Cork, 3 hours of bus, an ice-cream on the way and new emotions and feelings in the baggage. Cork again…Dublin is good, but I’m happy to be here.

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