Bank Holiday…raindrops keep fallin’ on my head!!

Bank Holiday, just a few people working in Ireland. I’m sleeping in my bed, perfect day to rest after a week end spent around in Cork, in pubs listening the great offer of Live Music provided by the Jazz Festival, when in my dreams I felt a little wet. My arm is under a shower, one of my roomates is having his shower upstairs and I don’t know why some drops are falling on my bed collocated exactly downstairs in correspondance to this one on the third floor.  So I write my new email to EazyCork, another swimming pool in a room of the flat in St. James Street after that my Spanish roomates have experienced the same thing due to a leak from the drainpipe!

Anyway the week end was quite good, as I said the Jazz Music Festival is a great event here in Cork. The city is packed, all the pubs around offer a great choice of any kind of live music, not only jazz music, but even Folk and country. As for me, I went to the Bailey on Friday, to the Crane Lane Theatre on Saturday and to the Bodega yesterday evening. At The Bailey we enjoyed listening to country music, Johnny Cash as requested and acoustic versions of Coldplay and U2 songs. Crane lane was really crowded but the athmosphere and the ambience was enjoyable. Yesterday Bodega, one of the more characteristic pub in Cork, an elegant nightclub that recall a Cafe of the ‘800s. Drinks are expensive, 6 euros for a Jagerbomb is too much but the place is of high level!

Today is Bank Holiday…why is it holiday you are asking, I guess?!! Look at the link for more information:

While my bed is drying, I’ll think what to cook in this special day. Yesterday I had my chicken in the oven with potatoes. 10 chicken thight for 2,60 euros at the English Market, a great deal, and a great result!!

See you at the next update, hoping that the rainy cloud will leave at least my bedroom!

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