Clonakilty, rain, Scannell’s bar, the typical irish trip!

Saturday, it’s time for a trip in the west part of Ireland. We decide to go to Clonakilty, a nice town known for the amazing surfing beaches just 4 km far from it. The round ticket is 17,20 euros, one of the more expensive so far for us.

After one hour of trip the bus stops in the small centre of Clonakilty. Then we start our walk towards the strands…going along the rain, talking and shooting photos,in one hour and a half we are in INCHYDONEY beach!! Have a look to the



Below the photos of our funny moments on the beach!

Once came back in town by bus with just 3 euros per each we headed to the Scannel’s bar (, suggested me by my irish colleague.

There finally we stayed in a warm atmosphere, having a hot meal as beef in guinnes stew. Simply delicious.

5 Erasmus in ClonakiltyP1100045P1100046

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