Renting a car in Ireland, in a clouds-less day: such a lovely experience.

The following photos will be enough to undertand the beauty of West Cork’ coast. From Kinsale to the strand of Garretstown, getting to the Old Head of Kinsale, staring at the sunset..travelling easily on a Renault Clio, rent at the Airport of Cork with 20 euros and 16 more for the full insurance. 10 euros of Gasoline for the whole day, it was definitely a bargain! Here in Ireland you need to be 25 years old if you really want to rent a car at cheap value. Otherwise you should pay 25 euros more per day to cover the insurance of being under the established age.

The whole route could be sum up in these steps:

– Cork Bus Station Parnell Place: Bus 226 (Cork-Airport Cork-Kinsale).

-After renting the car, first destination Kinsale, walking around in town

– St Charles Fort (2 euros ticket for students) then St. James Fort

– Garrestown Strand

-Old Head of Kinsale

-Kinsale again, pint of beer and beef in the Lord of Kinsale tavern

-Back again in Cork Airport with the magic Renault Clio

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