So many things to talk about, the result: a one month-long silence

In the last post I introduced the new blogger, we wanted to write so many things about the great moments we spent together and with the Erasmus in Cork that finally we produced nothing. The xmas holidays didn’ t help too, absorbed by the coming back in our countries, in our houses with family and friends! We should talk about Galway trip in November, Dublin and the concert of Foy Vance on the 7th of December, the last trip with the German friends in Belfast, north Ireland, the goodbyes that touched us the last week of our staying in Cork and so on. We’ll write soon something about the accomodation to give a kind of orientation for future Erasmus in the living Cork!

For me are the last days in Genoa before going in Cork for the second time. How will it be?

I don’t know, feelings are quite different from the first time. On September everything was new, everything unknown and ready for being discovered. I went there knowing nobody but after two days I was surrounded by people who seemed really appreciate me, enjoying with me. I spent a lot of time with them, we went on trips together around Ireland, we had a ball in Cork even if we were from so many countries, I didn t expect Cork being so international. Now I know that, I know how easy it will be to talk with someone from China or South Africa. At the same time I know how different these months will be. People that are in my heart won’t come back with me and my friend Mehdi, but I am sure will go together through great adventures again.

A second chapter of my Erasmus, my project, my life is beginning soon with this 2014…ready, not intimidated as the first time, but full of curiosity. Everything has to be written, so let’ s start!!

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