Cork Holiday: thoughts and Photos

Came back from my week holiday in Cork city, visiting and strolling around like a tourist. I observed the life in Cork as maybe I didn’t do during my six months spent there, working, enjoying the trips and having nice evening and nights with friends.

Cork is a nice city where to live and where to have an experience like an Erasmus, an English Course, a work placement. I have some doubts on the long term. Why? Too many goodbyes, and in six months they have already been a lot and it is impossible maybe to live in such an airport unless you start going out only with your irish friends. But you would miss the great thing of this town: being so international even if so small.

Here you have a great College, the UCC, shops, pubs, walks and gardens, and in the last week I discover even a zoo, the Fota WildLife Park.

The park is a 75-acre (30 ha) wildlife park located on Fota Island, near CarrigtwohillCounty CorkIreland. The park is home to nearly 30 mammal and 50 bird species. Some of the animals roam freely with the visitors, such as the ring-tailed lemurs and squirrel monkeys, while larger animals, including the giraffe and bison, live in paddocks with unobtrusive barriers to allow viewing the animals in a more natural environment [Wikipedia:][].

I was surprise to see so many animals freely walking around, giraffes and zebras, kangaroos going around quietly. Fota is foundamentally an island.

You get there using the train from the Cork Kent Station, direction Cobh. Fota is the third stop! Price of the ticket: around 8 euros the return ticket.

The prices of the zoo are listed on the website, and for student there is a good discount (from 14 € to 9 €).

When you want to move in Ireland use, the website which saved my life in the last months.





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