Searching a flat in Cork? Here what I think

If you are a student going to spend your Erasmus, Erasmus Placement, Leonardo’s project or just your work placement experience in Cork, for sure you will need a good place for your stay in this amazing town.

Cork is small and the center is so pleasant to live in your daily life that I don’t see the reasons for which you should search a flat far from it! Here a couple of suggestions.

The UCC has many accomodations, close to town and really far from it. In six months in Cork I saw many of them, I missed some else but I have the ideas pretty clear. Do not search something further than the UCC!

The best idea probably is to find a flat on your own, so rent it searching on website like Here you can find rooms usually around 300 euros and a little more with fees. This is the best idea since in this way you will be totally independent, perphaps you may have nice house parties and not too much mess all around since in the accomodation people are strolling around all the time and…nobody knows what could happen during the night!

In terms of Accomodations, well here there is my top 3.

1. Abbey Wharf Apartments North Mall:

Definitely the best accomodation in my opinion. The apartment are not so huge, but the price, the position, the freedom of inviting people inside and enjoying the Cork night allow me to give a 9 to this place. Rooms could be better and larger, beds  fine for your experiences but it is a clean accomodation and really well located! Strongly suggest this!

2. Abbey Wharf Apartments Washington Street: 

Well, I lived six months in Washington Street, the core of Cork night life. Three four pubs are in this street and on Tuesday and Thrusday you will be shocked looking down from one of your windows watching how many kids are having party that night!! The location is great since you are exactly 10 mins walk to UCC, and you are in town, 2 mins from Lidl, Tesco, St. Patrick Street and Oliver Plunket Street and the English Market. IF you want to be sure you aren t going to miss anything of Cork, here you have no excuses. You have the craic as neighbour.

3. The Spires.

The Spires is definitely a classy accomodation, maybe a little expensive but not so much considered the quality. Living rooms are huge, bedrooms too. The walls maybe a little thin and in some of them there was too much noise. The location is good considered that it is 3 mins to UCC, 10 from town. It could be a problem to bring your shopping at home but if you are searching for something of good quality here you are in the right place.

4. Deanshall

An accomodation in town, 10 mins from UCC, 5 to what you actually need. Full of students especially americans, prices in the usual range around 500 euros per month. The problems of this kind of accomodations is that you should provide the overall payment at the beginning of your experience. I didnt’ hear nobody complaining in six months but it is something that I wouldn’t have done and I didn’t do indeed! 😀

What I don’t suggest.

There are several accomodation that I don’t suggest to anybody.

The first is Victoria Lodge, so expensive and so far from town. I saw so many students going back home by taxi in their drinking night since it is located more that 4 km from all the pubs actually are. I discourage even to go to Victoria Cross and Victoria Mills, classy places, expensive but same story: too far from town.

Basically I suggest you:

1. Search something close to town. It is more important than being close to UCC.

2. Search something under 500 euros per month. No way to spend more than this.

3. Search a flat first of all, better a flat even if it could have some problems, but you ll pay less and you ll completely enjoy the freedom, what you are looking for I guess 😉

4. If you want to die drinking with Irish people you ll stay to live in College road and the roads close to it!

For everything else :



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